Sunday, May 26, 2013


I created this drinking game back when Season 3 was still on TV... since we're an hour away from Season 4 being released on Netflix, I figured I'd bring it back. - Mike

RECOMMENDED DRINK: Anything will work… But I suggest beer, ’cause if you go with some hard stuff you’ll probably kill yourself by the third episode. Just saying.

Drink every time someone says the following:
“I’ve made a huge mistake”
“Come on!”
“No touching!”
“Bob Loblaw”
“Steve Holt!”

Drink every time the following occurs:
A news clip or newspaper article is shown
The house falls apart
The stair truck is driven
Someone tackles someone
An airhorn goes off
Someone does a chicken dance
A “Peanuts” reference is made or seen
“Final Countdown” (GOB’s theme) plays
Someone sings “Afternoon Delight”
Barry Zuckercorn says or does something alluding to him being gay
A Happy Days reference occures
A Andy Griffith reference occures
Kitty flashes someone
Lyndsay tries flirting with another man
A new actress plays Marta
The seal with the yellow bow tie is seen
The Hot Cops squad makes an appearance
A word is bleeped
A lesson is taught by having a man’s arm ripped off
George tries to escape
Buster says “Hey brother” or some variation
Buster says “I’m a monster!”
Buster’s hook falls off
Buster’s hand/stump frightens someone
Someone calls Buster, Baby Buster
Gob does a magic trick
Gob rides his segway
Gob does or says something that alludes to liking whores
George Michael says or does something alluding to liking his cousin, Maeby
Tobias misinterprets or misreads something (i.e. the Blue Man Group)
Tobias says a double entendre
Tobias says or does something homosexual
Tobias gets an acting role
Oscar says he is Buster’s father or implies it

Post how many episodes you make it through, in the comments section.

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