Thursday, March 7, 2013

PODCAST: Mike & Billy - Episode 016 (03/06/13)

Episode #16 of The Mike & Billy Show is dedicated to the memory of William Moody, better known to wrestling fans as WWE's Paul Bearer. RIP

So this episode gets off to a very interesting start... during our pre-show talk Billy said he was tired from being up late "getting hammered." Little did Mike know he wasn't talking about drinking but rather ACTUALLY hammering nails into his face, as preparation for his Sideshow gig this weekend!  So naturally Billy had to provide the "show" portion of this Show & Tell... so he whips out a FOUR INCH nail and proceeds to hammer it into his face.  That's all the prep we needed to get this show going!

The guys share their thoughts, and overall displeasure (or in Mike's case anger & rage) with the new VH1 "reality" show filmed in Boston, Wicked Single.

There's been local news reports that Boston might be trying to get one of the upcoming Olympic Games.  Naturally as two guys who live and work in the city, Mike and Billy have quite a few concerns about the mess this will cause throughout the city.

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(Recorded: Wed. March 6, 2013)

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