Wednesday, January 30, 2013

PODCAST: Mike & Billy - Episode 012 (01/29/13)

Billy makes the bold proclamation that, not only does Chuck Norris SUCK compared to "a real bad ass" like Danny Trejo... but also that The Machete Trilogy may go down as one of the best Trilogies ever!

Wrestling fans rejoice! Mike & Billy have been teasing a wrestling show... well this is as close as they've gotten so far.  The guys talk a little bit about this past Sunday's Royal Rumble, especially Mike's disappointment that Billy Gunn wasn't in the Rumble match... and just like watching wrestling videos on YouTube this turns into a few off shoot wrestling discussions.

The guys start to show their age a bit when the topics of Drive-In Movies Theaters, old school arcade games, and being really uncomfortable with webcams are discussed.

And YES, for those of you that follow along on either Facebook or Twitter... Mike plays the voice-mail he received from someone claiming to work for Best Buy, that obviously took some offense to Mike bad mouthing certain employees back in Episode #10.

CLICK HERE to read Mike's Yelp review mentioned in the voice-mail.

All that and much more on this week's episode of The Mike & Billy Show!


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(Recorded: Tues. Jan. 29, 2013)

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