Friday, December 28, 2012

PODCAST: Mike & Billy - Episode 007 (12/27/12)

The show gets started with some Christmas talk and how neither guy has an "Uncle Eddie" relative, which leads into a conversation on how unrealistically Holiday Movies portray every family as beyond-full-blown dysfunctional.

During the Christmas break Mike attempted to create the perfect eggnog.

Mike and Billy discuss how ridiculous it is that Scary Movie 5 and The Haunted House are not only being made and coming out pretty close to each other, but are basically the same exact movie.

Why do the "rich & famous" drunk drive? Both agree the first order of business when they strike it rich is hiring a full-time driver.

The topic of how 24 hour news coverage is brought up... how it's basically what has created the huge market for reality TV, and is responsible for desensitizing us to things like "death videos."  During the reality TV talk, it's brought up that Mike was almost cast in a reality show called, "America's Biggest Asshole." But it was abandoned by SpikeTV due to legal issues.

There may be a "Intern Search" on The Mike & Billy Show in the near future... and don't forget to download the Spreaker app on your Android or iPhone so you can take us everywhere.  We highly recommend "toilet listening."

(Recorded: Thus. Dec. 27, 2012)

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