Wednesday, November 21, 2012

PODCAST: Mike & Billy - Episode 003 (11/20/12)

Episode III "The Revenge of the 'Stache" gets off an running with Mike introducing Billy to a new English slang word, "Bumflufferies." The word comes from the great British Crime flick, Sexy Beast, starring Ben Kingsley, Ray Winstone and Ian McShane. (a must watch if you haven't seen it)

Mike slept through his alarm Tuesday morning and they talk about how waking up late for work is one of the worst, panic-inducing feelings you can experience.

Mike's phone was stolen, and he had to change every password he has in the world... which leads the guys into the topic of internet passwords, account hacking and the mobile phone security in general is discussed.

With Thanksgiving only days away Billy shares his plans and family traditions around the holiday... as well as his girlfriend's enthusiasm for making Halloween costumes.

And with every Thanksgiving comes Black Friday... Neither Mike nor Billy are fans but Billy has some real hatred towards this national shopping day.

Mike having worked security for years used to have a slightly different outlook on Black Friday, and he shares a couple "war stories" from the days he spent chasing down junkie shoplifters.

They wrap up on a topical note, talking about how the Twinkee craze of the last week could be one of the greatest marketing cons ever!

All that and much more A.D.D. radio shenanigans...

(Recorded: Tues. Nov. 20, 2012)

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