Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Fantasyland Update: Crazy ol' Maurice’s Cottage

Walt Disney Imagineering have released a new set of images from the New Fantasyland exspansion.  This set takes a look at some of the exteriors of Maurice’s Cottage in the Beauty and the Beast section of Fantasyland.
The home of Belle’s father, Maurice, has the touch of a handy-man / inventor both inside and out. The roof sports mismatched chimneys and a creative weather vane.

The attention to detail is as incredible as we've come to expect from WDI.  The house has been given heart cut-out shutters and support beams that have been made to look aged and weathered.

A wishing well and wooden fence, which Maurice has repaired by using extra wood found around the house, outline the property.

Maurice’s tinkering handiwork also extends inside the house.  The Enchanted Tales with Belle character interaction experience is still slated to officially open this holiday season.

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