Friday, July 20, 2012

New Fantasyland Update: Portraits at Be Our Guest Restaurant & Gaston’s Tavern

Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern are easily the most eagerly anticipated restaurants on the Walt Disney World plate right now, and every piece of information about their progress in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland expansion is definitely sparking a huge amount of interest.

Well they fine folks at Disney have given us a few more tidbits to chew on.

As I've reported a number of times, Be Our Guest, the counter-service/table-service hybrid will be opening in time for the holidays in late 2012.  The restaurant will be located at the base of Beast’s Castle in the Beauty and the Beast section of the New Fantasyland.  And as we learned in the last Fantasyland Update, they will be serving a menu of new twists on French classics.

While dining in the three amazing dining rooms, made to recreate the look, feel and tone of their film counterpart (the Library, the West Wing & the Ballroom), guests will be enchanted with original artwork and theme elements like this incredible portrait of the Beast himself.

I must say, that really is a beautiful piece of art.  The lighting and focus on the Beast’s human eyes, obviously foreshadowing the mystery of the story.  It is very cool.  Once again, thumbs up to the Imagineers.  Be Our Guest is really looking, even in small pieces, to be turning into a stunning place to dine.

Now on to Gaston’s Tavern... to be honest, WDI has been pretty hush-hush about this counter-service spot, also located in the Beauty and the Beast section of New Fantasyland.

But they have recently given us a glimpse of the portrait that you will be seeing hanging above the fireplace, according to the concept art photo above.  Here’s Gaston in all of his self-loving glory, as he will clearly be represented in the restaurant itself.

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