Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Hangover 3 is Heading Back to Vegas by way of Tijuana

You can call it "going full circle," or "returning to the scene of the crime," or "unfinished business."  But before all that don't forget to find a valid excuse to get a donkey show in the final act of your flick...

Do I have your attention now? Good.  Because that seems to be exactly what Todd Philips and the infamous Wolf Pack are saying as they start filming the third, and reportedly final, installment in The Hangover franchise later this month.

It has been rumored for a while that the Wolf Pack will be party-hopping through the third film. Bradley Cooper recently stated that the film would shoot in LA, while The Toronto Sun mentioned the new Tijuana location.  According to the Las Vegas Sun, director Todd Philips and company will once again be shooting on and off the Strip and at Caesars Palace, where much of the first movie took place.  Returning the boys to the scene of their first scavenger hunt of debauchery.

All the reports coming out right now are from "sources close to the film," so it goes without saying that they should be taken with that good ol' grain of salt.  However one thing that has been consistent since the project was announced is that the story would be different from its predecessors.  Rumors have gone so far as to say that the story could involve the Wolf Pack having to break free of a mental institution where Alan (Zach Galifianakis) has been committed.  Which would make for a "running from the law" type of scenario, explaining the Mexico location.  It's also been said that everyone's favorite heavy-hitter, Mike Tyson, will be appearing when the Pack stops in Vegas.  But, once again, these are all still just rumors.

I know most people had a huge problem with the fact that Part II was basically a shot-for-shot remake of the first Hangover.  However, I wasn't one of those people.  My reason is quite simple, I can honestly say that I've had many nights in a number of cities when I've woke up with the need to piece together the night before.  So I let them slide on that one.  But this time around it’ll be interesting to see what director Todd Philips comes up with.  I'm definitely looking forward to going on one more adventure with "the three best friends that anyone could have."

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