Monday, April 2, 2012

WrestleMania XXVIII: Team Johnny vs. Team Teddy (12-Man Tag Team Match)

This was probably the most boring match of the night, even more then the Women's Tag Match.

They had a very brief moment of anarchy that was fun to watch.  But the bigger story in this one was Eve's heel turn on Ryder.  I'm personally a huge fan of Eve.  I think she has definite potential to be the #1 Diva on the show.  She's got a ton of personality and can actually act.  Which has been rare qualities in Divas for many years.  Plus she can actually work in the ring too.

They got the finish right on this one too.  Laurinaitis has come along as a ok heel, and in my opinion, the GM/management on the shows need to be a heel.  It always makes for better story telling.

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