Monday, April 2, 2012

WrestleMania XXVIII: Music Acts / Intermission

At this point in the show, this was a horrendous scheduling move.  They booked a  20min musical intermission (Brodus Clay, MGK & Flo Rida) in between Punk/Jericho & Rock/Cena.  The crowd went completely cold at a point when they needed them to be at their hottest.  It seemed to take a lot for them to get back into it once Rock/Cena got started.  Once they got to Punk/Jericho they should have punched the gas and not let up til the end of the night.  But that Musical Piss Break brought the show to a screeching halt... I mean really, the crowd boo'd MGK off... and then still had to sit through another meaningless act.
When Brodus Clay came out I thought it was a poor booking choice, but I figured they were going to have a 5 minute squash match so people could run to the bathrooms before Rock vs. Cena.  But then he stopped and started the phone call business, and it just got worse.  That segment had no business being in that spot, leading up to the Main Event.

Then Diddy comes out and seemed to have a bit of trouble remembering the name of the act he was introducing...  Machine Gun Kelly comes out to sing a song that we've heard 47,000 times over the past few months.  Then he felt the need to compare himself to John Cena, as the underdog... and the crowd  boo'd him off.  Not a good sign heading into the final match of the night.
Oh but they weren't done yet!
Out comes Flo Rida to do another song that we've been hearing in our sleep for months.  The crowd shots were priceless.  A sea of bored and disinterested faces.  It was kind of funny to watch as The Rock had to navigate the obstacle course of backup dancers to get through the stage.
The amount of time they took to do all this could have easily been filled with a half way decent match.  And it should have definitely been scheduled right after Triple H vs. Undertaker, that way you'd have the 12-man Tag Match to get the crowd back to their seats and settled in, then Punk and Jericho to ramp the energy back up leading to the big payoff of Rock vs. Cena.  Putting it where they did absolutely killed the momentum they had built.

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