Friday, April 6, 2012

The Art of Vacationing starring Goofy

I normally don't cover the happenings and goings-on at Disneyland, but I saw this on the Disney Parks YouTube page and thought it was a pretty cool video short.  Inspired by decades of “Art of” and “How To” animated shorts featuring Goofy, Disney has produced an amusing live action short entitled “The Art of Vacationing,” following “the common traveler” experiencing the Disneyland Resort.

The traditionally-animated sight gags are replicated perfectly with a live version of Goofy in this new short, with none of the wackiness lost as he arises in a Grand Californian hotel room, plans his day at Disneyland, rides a few recognizable attractions, and even meets with some other familiar characters.

If the comments section on the Disney Parks YouTube page is any indication, this cartoon-turned-live style appears to be a hit among Disney fans.  Animation, even when reproduced in live action, is certainly at the heart of Disney and their fans.  From the opening title card and storybook to its closing credits, this short successfully harness the feeling of classic Disney animation, without using any animation at all.

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