Saturday, March 17, 2012

Quality Inn - Montreal (March 2012)

Over the past year they have been making a number of renovations to this location.  Most notably to the rooms themselves.

What used to look and feel like low rent budget hotel rooms, now have the appeal of their "upper class" counterparts in the downtown Montréal area.

They have new beds, new linens, newly upholstered furniture, and a remodeled bathroom...

I have to say... I stayed at the Residence Inn Montréal back in August, for double-plus the price of this hotel, and quite honestly the Quality Inn on Crescent is a much better value.  And now that they've made the renovations, the rooms are actually better in quality (not just price) then the Marriott in town.

The only reason I'm not throwing 5 Stars at this place, can't REALLY be blamed on them... but since they have their logo on it, it'll go against them.

The parking lot... Now I know full well that the parking situation is the same it's been since I started staying here a few years ago.  $20 per night in the lot next door (or if full up, across the street)... but that the lot wasn't "owned" by the the hotel, but it was endorsed by them.

So I pull in and the old man taking everyone's money is trying to skim an extra $5 out of everyone that pulls in.  His excuse, he said that he charged "larger cars like Cadillacs an extra $5, like an SUV."  Well first off, I've parked my SAME car here in this lot many times over the past few years, along with my buddy's SUV.  Never have I heard of this extra fee.  But what really made me fight him on it was that he was trying to charge the carload of girls ahead of me an extra $5 because they "were going to the Canadiens game."  Mind you they were driving a compact little car, and had said they were staying in the hotel and spending the night there.  Which should've got them the regular (as marked on the sign) $20 for 24 hours fee.  He was just straight up skimming and I wasn't about to let this guy rip me off.  So I argued with him for a bit until he agreed to take just my $20CAD for the 24 hours... I have to admit, I felt lucky to get my car back on all 4 wheels the next morning.  But my piece of mind was worth it.

Never the less... I will be absolutely staying at this Quality Inn in the future!

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