Friday, March 16, 2012

Mission: Space at EPCOT (Walt Disney World - Feb. 2012)

So after a hearty English dinner and few pints, what better way to let your stomach digest than on a g-force inducing space flight simulator...

Luckily I have an extremely strong stomach, because I can easily see why they would offer a "tamer" version of this for kids and the easily nauseated.

This ride has a Fast Pass option, but there was no line when we showed up so we got our boarding passes (for the more intense/extreme version of the ride) and headed on in.

You load into your flight cockpit in groups of four, and you're each given a specific instruction for when you're suppose to push your button or pull on the control stick.

I was slightly disappointed that the controls didn't "actually do anything."  Because anyone can follow the instructions and land a mission safely... I was trying to simulate a crash, just to see what it would be like.  No luck... oh well.

The g-force you experience is pretty extreme, and feels absolutely realistic, making for a very decent thrill ride in EPCOT.

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