Friday, March 23, 2012

Magic Kingdom (Walt Disney World - Feb. 2012)

This latest visit was the first time I had been to Disney World since I was 12-years-old... and the moment I walked through the gates of the Magic Kingdom, I immediately reverted back to that childlike state.  All the great memories of visiting here throughout my childhood came rushing back to me.  Most of that is because, although they are constantly adding, updating and improving the attractions, the core of the parks remain frozen in time with pristine upkeep over the years.

What better way to start our trip, we walk on to Main Street USA and see Cinderella's Castle in the distance.  But what's coming at us was the afternoon parade! All the characters on floats, dancers, marching band, the works!  We couldn't have timed it any better.

I'll discuss each ride and/or attraction on their individual page...

According to a lot of employees (a.k.a. Cast Members) it wasn't too busy, "average" was the most common answer.  But that being said we didn't wait more then 5 minutes for ANYTHING! In ANY of the theme parks.

HELPFUL TIP:  We utilized two very helpful tools that cut every wait time to next to nothing.  First was the Official Disney Parks mobile app for Android, and the other was the Fast Pass service at select attractions throughout the parks.  The app gives very accurate wait times for each park activity, plus shows which rides have Fast Pass.  So what we would do is grab a Fast Pass, the average return time was 30-50 minutes (Toy Story at Hollywood Studios was the exception at 3-4 hours but I'll discuss that over on their page), then I'd pull out the app and find attractions relatively close to us with 5-10 minute waits.  We'd go knock them out, head back to the Fast Pass ride and breeze right through the line without even a hiccup of a wait.  It was a HUGE help in making our trip more enjoyable.  It also helped us cover every single ride, attraction, and show in the Magic Kingdom in under 8 hours... ALL OF THEM!

They're working on a "New Fantasyland" to be opened by Fall 2012.  I could see a lot of construction going on over the temporary walls on the border of the current Fantasyland.  Apparently the additions are suppose to be pretty impressive.  They're updating the Dumbo ride, along with The Great Goofini coaster (Goofy's Barnstormer).  However, they're building all new, grand scale attractions around Beauty & the Beast (including a upscale restaurant and a more kid friendly pub) and The Little Mermaid with a "under water adventure."

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for repairs while we were there, but other then that we really didn't miss a single thing.

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