Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disney's Magical Express (Walt Disney World - Feb. 2012)

This complimentary shuttle service is your first and last interaction with the Disney experience of any trip.

The buses are huge, with plenty of leg and storage room.  They show a fun, and somewhat informational, video on the various resorts and parks that Disney has to offer, along with some tips on how to ease your check-in process.  When it wrapped up they showed a Classic Donald Duck animated short... not gonna lie, it brought me back to me childhood when these would regularly air on the Disney Channel.

As the Donald short was ending we were pulling into our resort (same thing pulling back into Orlando International Airport on the way home), I have to give them a lot of credit on their timing of the video syncing up with the drive.

The buses arrived, for pick up & delivery, on time.  The drivers and attendants were more then pleasant, with that added Disney charm we come to expect.

A great service that completely relieves you of the mental pressures of getting to & from the resorts & airports.

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