Monday, February 1, 2010

The Number 17 Train

One of the guys I’ve been keeping a closer eye on, since returning from injury, is Milan Lucic.  Looch was one of the Bruins major tone setters last season...a physical tuning fork, if you will, for the team and the crowd he was in front of.  Whether his hits, fights, or goals were bringing the 17,565 Garden faithful to deafening roar… or his mere presence on the ice was making the entire city of Montreal’s blood boil… He was definitely our impact player in ’08-‘09.  But this year due to two bouts with injuries the #17 train has had a bit of trouble getting up to full speed.  However, you can tell the desire is there.  He was the player that said in an interview a little over a week ago, “We need to start playing pissed off hockey.”  That is exactly the type of attitude this team needs.  They’ve always seemed to have better games when they’re playing with a little grit and nastiness.  Milan had the lone goal in the 2-1 loss to the Sabres last Friday night and on Saturday, against the Kings, he seemed to be skating faster and even hitting harder then he’s been since coming back from his latest injury.  That tells me he’s regaining a lot of his confidence on the ice and could possibly be back to playing at 100% in the very near future.  Personally I think it might take getting one more knock down, drag out, heavy hitting tilt under his belt with one of the league’s fellow bruisers to get that fire burning good and hot in the engine.

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